03 3 / 2012

I didn’t want to post three separate small blogs, so ill post all three together.

The title pretty much sums up what this section is about. During the visit to Alder Hey we took a tour around the hospital everything was going great, until we went up to the ward where Isla will be. It wasn’t so much the ward that scared me some of the kids were happy, smiling and just being children, and most of the babies seemed comfortable.

But there was this one baby that must of been about 2/3 months old, he looked like he was in dire agony, his parents trying their hardest to make him better, the doctor brought another drip stand over to try and relieve the poor child of the pain. And I think it really hit home that Isla could be in that way, and it could be me standing there, useless. Not able to take it away from her, and as a parent that is one of my greatest fears, that my children will suffer.

I know she will be under the very best care at Alder Hey, the hospital is run fantastically. But that doesn’t stop them moments where your feeling in complete darkness.

Well my oldest daughter has her own spot on here, because although she is only 3, she understands that Isla isn’t very well and may be in hospital for a while. But the reason I writing about her is not because she understands, but she has said some of the cutest things I have ever heard this past week that have really cheered me up. The other day we brought Isla a teddy, and her exact words were “That teddy is going to make Isla better mommy”, we were also listening in on the Doppler, and because she could hear Isla, she decided to have a conversation with her, I cannot remember what she said exactly but its them naive moments that really brighten up them dark moments in your day.

Thank You
I just want to end this blog post by thanking a few people that have been tremendously supportive towards us. All our friends and family that have done what they can to help, and also to anybody that takes time out their day to view this blog.